Administracja, FMCG, Inne, IT (administracja, oprogramowanie), Obsługa klienta

Data Processing Specialist delivers one of the processes necessary to create a database or report for our Client (top FMCG companies and retailers). The processes include validating the data, setting-up the database, coding products by providing characteristics and managing data samples. 


  • Conducting processes that lead to a creation of a database according to the clients’ requirements. The processes include selecting and validating the data, products, checking their correctness in internal applications that do not require programming skills;

  • Working as part of a multinational team and liaising with other European Nielsen Offices;

  • Daily collaboration in virtual environment;

  • Building knowledge and understanding of FMCG categories and markets in different geographies;

  • Providing Customers with outstanding service – replying to inquiries, implementing change requests, solving issues;

  • Striving for constant improvement by suggesting process changes and ensuring key performance metrics are met – on time delivery and quality.

Co zapewniamy


  • Being part of growing organization and working for top FMCG Clients;

  • Working in multinational environment that ensures daily contact with English (15 languages are spoken in Warsaw office);

  • Steep personal learning curve and extensive trainings starting from day one and buddy program;

  • Variety of development paths.

And on top of that:

  • Company culture encouraging open communication;

  • Opportunities to volunteer in CSR projects;

  • Brand-new, A-class building just next to the underground (Dworzec Gdański) and train station;

  • Broad range of benefits: medical and life insurance, Multisport, welfare social found, additional holiday time, active sports communities.


Kierunki studiów: Administracja, Bankowość, Dziennikarstwo, Ekonomia, Elektronika, Filologia, Finanse, Informatyka, Inżynieria , Lingwistyka, Logistyka, Marketing, Matematyczne, Metody ilościowe, Pedagogika, Socjologia, Stosunki Międzynarodowe , Techniczne, Telekomunikacja, Zarządzanie
Dodatkowe wymagania odnośnie kierunków: N/A
Wymagania odnośnie języków: angielski
Dodatkowe wymagania odnośnie języków: komunikatywny
Wymagania odnośnie kompetencji: MS Excel
Lata studiów: 4-5
Wymagane wykształcenie: EDUCATION
  • Educated to degree level;

Wymagane umiejętności:


  • Very good level of both written and spoken English is a must (B2);

  • Computer literacy (especially MS Excel);

  • Being a team-player with well-developed communication skills;

  • With eye for the detail and paying attention to quality;

  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills;

  • Can adapt easily to changes.

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